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Review: AccuVape’s Dragon X Portable Vaporizer

For those who choose not to ignite cannabis, vaping is the way to go. While vape pens are best for oil (loaded into cartridges), portable models that fit neatly in your palm are often the best method to consume flower.

That’s where AccuVape’s Dragon X comes in. It truly is handy and compact. Larger than a Zippo lighter and smaller than a flask, its sleek black design and overall utility make for a great addition to any cannasseur’s collection.

After charging, lift the swivel top and load freshly ground flower into the bowl. Close it and turn the device on by holding the power button for two seconds. It will start as red and then turn blue. The convection heating has begun.

Dragon X from AccuVape costs $98.95

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. The four small lights on the side indicate power status as well as different temperatures. Click the power button two times to adjust the temps (they range between 344°F and 428°F). It’s best not to heat at the high end or you’ll have brown flower before your know it. The device will turn off automatically to save battery; however, it does get hot to the touch.

At the bottom of the vaporizer, there’s a neat little container to store ground bud in that easily pops out. The device also comes with several cleaning tools, additional screens and a small metal bowl to use with concentrates.

Retail price: $98.95

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AccuVape is a division of Freedom Leaf Inc.