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Earthly Body’s “New Hippie” Hempire

After losing their small business in California’s 1994 Northridge earthquake, Kevin and Mare Wachs used the relief money to start Earthly Body. They began by making 100% vegan and natural cosmetics, and hair care and body care products in their garage, using hemp seed oil.

Their choice of hemp was somewhat controversial in 1994, but now, Kevin Wachs says, “The world has realized that hemp seed oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, provides nourishing protection and has high moisture content that helps smooth and soften dry, damaged skin.”

In 2013, the pair moved the company to Chatsworth, Calif., where Earthly Body continues its dedication to sustainable, green and cruelty-free products. “All aspects of our organization reflect our eco-friendly values,” Biana Lerman, Earthly Body’s Marketing Coordinator, tells Freedom Leaf. “From the use of recycled packaging and planting trees for the future, to the installation of solar panels and electric car charging stations, our company is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.”

They’re also committed to making a difference. Earthly Body’s Get Together Foundation “serves as an intermediary between donors and charities, ensuring that all monies get to the intended beneficiaries,” Lerman explains. “The basis of the foundation is the fusion of the ’60s mantra of peace, togetherness and love combined with the ideals of quality, intelligence and technology.”

Lerman describes the company ethos as “new hippie.” While social media and online sales have increased their accessibility, she says the “human aspect” of building and maintaining business relationships has become more difficult.

The eclectic Earthly Body product line includes lotions, butters, lip balms, makeup and fragrances. Their 3-in-1 massage candle, «Naked in the Woods», is jam-packed with hemp seed, coconut, apricot, jojoba, and avocado oils, and smells like pine needles and lemon; it can be used as a daily moisturizer or to freshen the air, but is best employed as warm oil to apply during massages. Their Miracle Oil, another powerful emollient, is intended more for scars, stretch marks and scaly skin, and as an after-shave soother. In addition to hemp seed oil, it contains tea tree and eucalyptus oils.

Constantly striving to innovate, and to sustain and expand their connections with stylists, buyers and clients, Earthly Body plans to release several new products for the holiday season. Check out their complete product line at earthlybody.com.



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