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Elizabeth Warren Backs Question 4 in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is known to be fairly 420-friendly, at least by East Coast standards. But with Vermont’s failure to legalize cannabis through the legislature earlier this year, could Massachusetts become the first state in the region with legal adult-use? Elizabeth Warren thinks it should!

That’s being put to voters this November in the form of Question 4, an initiative that would legalize the cultivation, possession and distribution of cannabis in the Bay State.

On Aug. 25, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said about Question 4: “Massachusetts is in a very difficult position because we have decriminalized marijuana. That means it’s widely available, but there’s no real regulation of it. I think that what we really need is to have some regulation. That means I would be open to the possibility to legalizing marijuana… because I think that the problem we have right now in Massachusetts is that we’ve decriminalized it, which makes marijuana available, but there’s no regulation over it for safety. I think we should learn from the other states that have already done this.”

Warren also commented on the recent decision by the DEA to not reschedule marijuana: “There’s access to marijuana openly and yet we can’t even do serious medical research on it because of the way the federal government classifies marijuana. I think that makes no sense at all. We need an opportunity to study the drug better.”

The Democratic senator previously stated that she was interested in looking “into the impact of legalization of medical and recreational marijuana on opioid overdose deaths.”



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