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Everything You Need to Know About Special Sauce Hemp Flower

Special Sauce hemp flower is quite a popular CBD these days. The strain is a hybrid with many interesting properties you may not be aware of just yet.

Our goal is to inform you about everything you need to know to do with Special Sauce hemp flower. Once you’ve read through this blog post, you’ll be so well informed that you can easily make the choice to either use this flower or give it a miss.

We hope all your questions are answered right here in one post! Let’s get started, shall we?

Characteristics of Special Sauce Hemp Flower

Aroma & Taste

Special Sauce hemp flower from mrhempflower.com has quite a strong aroma. The primary scent is that of berries. The after-smell is quite earthy in nature, including pine, pepper, etc. When you taste it, you should get a similar taste to what you initially smelled.

The Special Sauce hemp flower strain is one of the more potent strains with a high concentration of terpene and cannabidiol.


The flower is extremely dense with spiky leaves that almost look like tiny Christmas trees. It is primarily dark green with hints of purple and orange hairs.

Typical Effects of Special Sauce Hemp Flower

The strain initially stimulates the mind and helps you focus. On top of that, it brings a sense of calm that allows you to relax quite well.

The typical result of these effects is to provide you with an improved overall mood.

Genetic Composition of Special Sauce Hemp Flower

Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is a hybrid of two different strains grown in Oregon:

  • Original Special Sauce
  • Early Resin Berry

The resulting hybrid has a low level of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and a high level of Cannabidiol, or CBD.

Main Terpene Profile Highlights


You likely know of this substance as black peppercorns. Caryophyllene adds a nice peppery flavor to the strain as well as providing pain relief and anti-inflammation benefits.

There are only 1.2mgs of caryophyllene in every gram of this Special Sauce hybrid strain.


Pinene comes from pinecones and provides that aroma to the strain. These are the primary source of the earthy smell that you get from Special Sauce hemp flower.

Pinene provides the following benefits:

  • Improved breathing
  • Mental calmness and clarity

You’ll find 1.3mgs of pinene in each gram.


Myrcene works something like a sedative, proving the calming effect that you get from taking Special Sauce hemp flower. It has quite a tropical, fruity scent to it.

There’s a higher concentration of myrcene in comparison to the other terpenes at 3.3 mgs per gram.

Other Present Terpenes

  • Alpha Bisabolol
  • Beta Farnesene
  • Limonene
  • Alpha Humulene
  • Trans Beta Ocimene
  • Fenchol
  • Phytol 2
  • Alpha Terpineol
  • Terpinolene
  • Sabinene Hydrate
  • Cis Beta Ocimeme
  • Fenchone
  • Guaiol

Phyto Cannabinoid Profile

Phyto Cannabinoids are all the natural chemicals you find in cannabis and hemp. Phyto Cannabinoids and Terpenes are the main things that you look for in any kind of cannabis or hemp.

Here are all the Phyto Cannabinoids that you’ll find in Special Sauce Hemp Flower:

  • CBDA – 16.4%
  • CBCA – 0.74%
  • THCA – 0.61%
  • CBD – 0.5%
  • CBGA – 0.31%
  • CBG – 0.131%
  • D9-THC – 0.129%
  • CBDVA – 0.12%
  • CBC – 0.034%
  • Overall Percentage – 19%

Primary Application for Special Sauce Hemp Flower

  • Anxiety – The chemicals in the special sauce will calm and slow your mind, causing the anxious feelings that you have built up through constant tension to calm down with it. Your anxiety may not go instantly, but it should alleviate the symptoms over time with controlled doses.
  • Depression – Depression involves far more emotion than we realize. Calming the mind has been known to help even clinical depression at least to some degree.
  • Insomnia – Trouble with sleep can be caused by many things. Typically, the issue is an overactive brain. Special Sauce calms your mind down which makes it far easier to relax and fall asleep.
  • Stress – Stress is another condition brought about by extended periods of tension and worry. Your mind tends to overthink once it gets too stressed, causing a lot of other issues too. The calming effect of this hemp flower will alleviate some of those symptoms and help you to start thinking straight again.
  • Pain – Some of the terpenes in Special Sauce Hemp Flower also contain natural pain killers. This can help with headaches, muscle pain, and even reduce inflammation at times too.

Possible Side Effects if Misused

  • Paranoia – Overuse of the Special Sauce Hemp Flower solution can cause a loss of cognitive function, leaving your mind highly open to suggestion. This will only occur if you use an unrecommended dosage. Make sure you stick to whatever the doctor suggests for you.
  • Dizziness – Special Sauce Hemp Flower will have similar effects to that of being drunk should you use too much. You may find it difficult to stand up and walk straight if this is the case.
  • Headaches – Should your body become addicted or dependent on the hemp flower, you may experience headaches in between doses. Again, this will only occur if you overuse it by not following your prescribed dosage.
  • Dry Eyes – Dry eyes are a common side effect of overusing any form of cannabis. This is typically a result of having smoke around your facial area more often than is wanted.

Should You be Using Special Sauce Hemp Flower?

The main thing to remember is that Special Sauce hemp flower is for medicinal purposes only. If your primary goal is recreation, do not use it.

Should you have any of the above symptoms and wish to be rid of them or at least lessen the effects of them, this may be an option for you.

The best course of action is to visit your doctor or GP and inquire about the use of it with them. Your doctor will know your situation well enough to determine if usage would be worthwhile. They can also ensure that you take the correct dosage to avoid any of the potential issues.

We hope you have a good understanding of this product now. Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch if you have any questions!