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Four Canna-Gifts for the High Holidaze


This space-age model blows away every other vaporizer in its class. The Ghost MV1 employs convection heating of little containers (“crucibles”), so it doesn’t char the material or require it to be stirred—its custom diffuser takes care of that. Since the material degrades slowly, it allows for multiple hits, which ultimately saves the user money. The crucibles can also be used with concentrates. Download their app to control temperatures, and to turn it on and off from your phone. Ghost Vape is working on a model for Slightly Stoopid, whose summer tour they promoted in 2017.

$295; comes in four colors: black, satin, rose and nickel; ghostvapes.com


These cards have nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with cannabis. Stuff them with green goodies and send them to your favorite stoners. The 5” x 7” cards come in airtight plastic envelopes. There are 29 Christmas cards and two Chanukah cards currently in stock.

$4.95 per card; five-count holiday pack, $19.99; 10-count holiday pack, $37.99; 20-count holiday pack, $69.99; greencardgreetings.com


If you like pot leaves in your jewelry, this is the place to shop. Founded by Genifer Murray and her jeweler father Glenn, GENIFER M offers sterling silver charm bracelets ($49.95); silver earrings ($65.95) and pendants ($77.95); gold earrings ($189); yellow gold pendants ($299); white gold earrings with diamonds ($775); and silver hinged-cuff diamond bracelets ($1,049.95). It’s pricey, but cannabis couture is worth it; geniferm.com


Jane West cofounded Women Grow in 2014. She left the organization last year to start her line of Jane West products. First, she collaborated with Grav Labs on a series of glass pieces. Her latest offering, the Compact, looks like a makeup compact (it even has a mirror), but it’s actually a carrying case for stashing your favorite flowers. It also comes with the Solo (a sleek one-hitter made from enamel), a multitool for poking and a lighter compartment.

$48; janewest.com

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