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Hawaii Allows Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

New Law Will License Cultivation and Distribution Centers for Patients

Governor David Ige signed a bill this week to permit 8 medical cannabis dispensaries to serve the state’s 14,000 registered patients.

Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000 allowing patients to grow their own.

Under the new plan the Hawaii Department of Health will create regulations and license the facilities by fall of 2016. Each permit holder will be allowed to operate two production centers and two dispensing locations. Each production center is limited to 3,000 plants.

«We will make a good faith effort to create a fair process that will help the people most in need,” said Ige in a statement.

According to a press release from NORML «Once operational, qualified patients will be able to obtain up to four ounces of cannabis or cannabis-infused products, such as oils, tinctures, or lozenges, from a licensed provider every 15 days.»