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Henry Rollins Calls AG Jeff Sessions ‘Pathetic’

Former rock star Henry Rollins has become a regular keynote speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conferences. He’ll make his Germany debut in Berlin on Apr. 12.

Noted for his “straight edge” antidrug stance when he fronted the hardcore band Black Flag in the ’80s, Rollins has embraced legalization despite the fact that he doesn’t use marijuana.

“Its illegal status has been a tool to incarcerate minority groups,” Rollins tells Freedom Leaf. “Many people have been injured or killed in the distribution, sales and profiting from illegal sale of cannabis. It’s a good time to turn this around.”

On Trump: “If he wants to hand out death penalties, there will be a lot of doctors getting killed.”

On Sessions: “He’s pathetic. He’ll be out soon enough.”

About the recent commercial legalization of marijuana in his home state, the Los Angeles resident notes: “Cannabis has always been easy to get in California. Now it’s just easier. From someone who lives there, I haven’t seen a change in anything. I bet there’s never been a time in recent history when it was all that difficult to get.”

To Rollins, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is “pathetic, just an annoyance with old ideas, steeped in bigotry—he’ll be out soon enough,” and President Trump’s call for death to drug dealers is “what you say when you have no idea what you’re talking about. He’s not all that smart. He thinks he’ll be killing a bunch of nonwhites. That wouldn’t be the case. If he wants to hand out death penalties, there will be a lot of doctors getting killed.”

Trump and Sessions will surely be targets of Rollins’ comments at Berlin’s Maritim Hotel. “I think that legalization of cannabis anywhere is a political decision,” he says. “It will change things in any country. It’s part of this changing century. Those who are selling legally are part of a changing culture. This is what I want to address.”

Tickets for ICBC Berlin from Apr. 11-13 are available here.

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