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Our Vision

The Freedom Leaf enterprise has become a leader in media production and distribution for the cannabis/hemp industry. By producing a monthly magazine and constantly publishing news for the industry through its online properties Freedom Leaf has become a magnet for cannabis industry professionals. The content Freedom Leaf produces and curates mainly attracts industries professionals like lawyers, legislators, activist, entrepreneurs and people that are active in the business of cannabis and industrial hemp. With the unique position Freedom Leaf has created it has become a hub for deal flow, current events and opportunities. The credibility, relationships and media distribution that have been created has uniquely situated Freedom Leaf to capitalize on the hyper growing cannabis/hemp industry. Freedom Leaf will leverage its timing and positioning within the industry through several monetization strategies including; producing consumable products, providing education, consulting services, joint ventures, providing marketing agency services, selling of advertising, being an incubator for startup businesses and helping entrepreneurs as a business accelerator. Our Founders & C-Level executives have over 100 years combined experience in the marijuana legalization movement.

Richard Cowan

When The People Lead, The Leaders Will Follow

— Mahatma Gandhi

Richard_CowanIt is a common complaint in democracies that the “politicians just follow the latest polls.” If that is the case, they are certainly  not leaders.

What if, despite overwhelming public opposition to the violent suppression of marijuana (especially for medical use), politicians from the “Progressive” left to the “Religious” right, explicitly say that they support the police and not the people. And, what if much of the mass media while claiming to be the watchdogs of our liberty become the lapdogs of our oppressors?

How then can the people lead? Well, just watch us!

Freedom Leaf, the Marijuana Legalization Company, is focused on ending marijuana prohibition. But this is also a experiment in a new form of social – not just political – activism. We are combining the motivation of entrepreneurial spirit with a devotion to personal liberty. You can’t get more American than that!

And what could be less American than the poisonous fear of freedom that the prohibitionist propaganda machine has used for more than 70 years? This has been the main tool used to justify creating the world’s largest prison system in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Well, there is one thing that really is less American, and that would be surrendering to that fear. The fact is that “We the People” are winning, and now the prohibitionists are afraid of losing their power.

Freedom Leaf has been created to promote, proclaim and celebrate our emerging freedom. For too long the marijuana legalization movement has depended on the generosity of a few wealthy benefactors. God bless them, but now we must become the instruments of our own liberation.

We will do that by supporting NORML, SSDP and other reform organizations. We will achieve our ultimate goal by creating ways that everyone can participate in. We will do this with interactive products and services that everyone can utilize and enjoy.

Join us in this new evolution! Create a career in freedom through Freedom Leaf!


By Clifford J Perry,  President, CEO and Co Founder

The Freedom Leaf vision is to build brands associated with the legalization of marijuana. We are growing a marketing network from the roots up. Our goal is to support the movement. We are Clifford_Perryfocused on advocacy and publishing stories that promote legalization, while appealing to the broader, non-consuming population at the same time.

Freedom Leaf is here to make a profit to re-invest in reform. We are maintaining a considerable relationship with all of our stakeholders in this movement – from those who are in the marijuana  industry to the nonprofits advancing the cause.

Our efforts will benefit the entire community. Through strategic partnerships and a quality publication that will showcase exclusive products and services, we support the industry. Though publishing thoughtful content, we help those individuals who are interested in ending cannabis prohibition. By reaching new audiences, we are reaching out to Americans who have the potential to become interested in our common goal.

In the near future, we will be launching Freedom Leaf as a public company. Our stockholders will see an increase in the value of their investment and enjoy a healthy return through appreciation and dividends.

Our first product is the Freedom Leaf Magazine, both in print and online. Other on demand publications will follow. Our approach is very different because our print edition will always be free and distributed across the country at no charge. We are utilizing the publication to advance the company’s art, fashion, and lifestyle collections. We will provide original editorial content in this upscale magazine to people who are tuned in to the marijuana industry and want good news in cannabis politics. We are giving to the industry and, in turn, promoting our different products and services.

As we expand our reach and presence, Freedom Leaf™ will license retail galleries across the country for our collections. These will also serve as local offices for Freedom Leaf™ and as recruiting centers for the “movement marketing” that will be structured in a direct sales methodology. Our model is for straightforward: “Build a career in Freedom, with Freedom Leaf”.

We are expanding the scope of our seminars and classes at CannaBizU.com™ and will take these to cities around the United States to help individuals in the industry build their businesses. We will be holding weekly seminars in Las Vegas at our corporate office. Larger venues will be engaged in key cities. We have already begun to work with localized groups with the purpose of licensing others to manage a local territory. These seminars and licensing agreements will be a major profit generator on their own, but through these public events individuals will become motivated to sell our products and services.

Freedom Leaf™ is developing a line of “Hemp Inspired™” brick-and-mortar retail products. These will include: Original artwork, ranging from signed pieces and high quality lithographs to dorm room posters.

Glass art will also be a focus, some of which can be enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs. Wearable art, such as t-shirts, caps, etc, featuring variations on the Freedom Leaf™ theme, identifying personal liberty with the cannabis leaf.

Hemp, and hemp blend (notably hemp/silk) fashions. Lifestyle products, including skin care products and vaporization devices.

There is an ever-increasing majority of Americans and others around the world who are in favor of full marijuana legalization. This is not only for medicinal advantages but also for recreational use. They know that it is far less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Therefore this is an ever growing market. There is a significant population of high-end consumers who are “closet” smokers of marijuana and/or users of medicinal marijuana therapies. Our publications and products are also geared to reach this lucrative market.

Additionally, our product lines will appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers with interests in the culture. We are striving to be the mainstay company for education, information and lifestyle products.

Follow us, like us and join us on the oath to victory with Freedom Leaf™.