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Two Presidential Candidates Now Running Marijuana Company

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Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson now help to run a marijuana business together. Both were previously presidential candidates.

GRAVELThe Seattle Post Intelligencer reported today that Mike Gravel has joined on to a subsidiary of Cannabis Sativa Inc. called KUSH. The company seeks to «market legal cannabis products throughout the world to the fullest extent permitted by law.»

Gravel served as a US Senator for 22 years. He ran for President as a Democrat in 2008. During a 2007 interview on C-SPAN he said: «Marijuana is simple, we should legalize that and you should be able to go buy it at a liquor store.»

Gary Johnson is the CEO of KUSH’s parent company. Johnson ran twice for president, once as a Republican and then as a Libertarian. Johnson made waves back in 2000 when he appeared on 60 Minutes and advocated for marijuana legalization while he was serving as New Mexico’s governor.

Having interviewed both men for radio shows and podcasts over the years it is no surprise to see them working on the same project.

Johnson braved the rain to deliver a passionate speech about marijuana that I filmed outside of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.