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Top Marijuana Stories at Freedom Leaf 2015

By Chris Goldstein

2015 has been a great year for marijuana reform. It was also our first full year of publishing Freedom Leaf Magazine.FL2015_1

We’ve covered political progress around the nation, interviewed celebrities, featured the latest in science, offered tasty recipes and given our readers the highest level of content about culture, music and even cannabis consumer dating.

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Top Freedom Leaf Magazine Articles, month-by-month

January 2015

Paving the way to legalization in Oregon by Doug McVay

Doug interviews Anthony Johnson and takes us through the process to pass Measure 91. An intimate insight into the organizing and politics of successful legalization.

Read the full January issueFL2015_3

February 2015

Endocannabinoids and the heart by Dr. Jahan Marcu

Cannabis and cannabinoids are good for the heart all year long.

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March 2015

Interview with Dr. Carl Hart by Steve Bloom

Dr. Hart is one of nation’s foremost neuroscientists studying marijuana and other drugs. Hart is an outspoken critic of the drug war.

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April 2015

Surviving ALS with Cathy and Bob Jordan by Chris Goldstein and Dr. Jahan Marcu

Cathy has outlived most of her own doctors by using cannabis. The couple almost went to jail for a home garden in Florida. They won a legal fight and are winning a bigger battle for life itself.

The Story of 420 by Steve Hagarissue6_cover

How the term went from California slang to the American mainstream.

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May 2015

Except of Willie Nelson’s book

The Music legend and cannabis/hemp enthusiast allowed us to print an excerpt of It’s a Long Story: My Life revealing his early experiences with cannabis.

The Cannabis Gender Gap by Paul Armentano

An insightful look at the differences between men and women on their views of marijuana.

Read the full May issue issue8_cover

June 2015

Introduction to concentrates by Dru West

Shatters, wax and hash oils. The details on how they are made and how to consume them.

45 years of the Controlled Substances Act by Paul Armentano

The history of how modern marijuana prohibition began and how it continues.

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July-August 2015

Interview with PBS travel host Rick Steves by Steve Bloom

Steves has spent a career taking people around the world. He also was a strong voice for legalization at home in Washington State.issue9_cover

The surfer, stoner connection by Beth Mann

Beth takes us through the alliance between long boards and Mary Jane.

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September 2015

Marijuana, soldiers and PTSD by Chris Goldstein with photos by Mike Whiter

Dr. Sue Sisley is quoted in this exploration of the topic with striking photos by a Philly photographer and USMC combat veteran.

Campus cannabis guidelines by Norm Kent Esq.

Knowing your rights as a student and medical marijuana patient.

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October/November 2015

Interview with Drug Policy Alliance Director Ethan Nadelmann

Nadelmann leads the multi-million dollar non-profit, often appears in the press and gave an amazing Ted Talk this year.

Justin Trudeau wins in Canada by David Malmo-Levine

The young and charismatic son of a Prime Minister takes the lands highest job with the promise to legalize marijuana

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December 2015

Women of Cannabis

Profiles of the women leading in advocacy and industry.FL2015_9

2015 A Banner Year for Reform by Paul Armentano

Paul takes us through the political victories this year that happened across the country.

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