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Viridian Writes Business Column for Freedom Leaf Magazine

Viridian Capital Advisors is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Freedom Leaf magazine (OTCBB:FRLF) to write a cannabis business column.

With the help of over 160 hemp and cannabis activist groups in 32 states across the nation, Freedom Leaf has published and circulated 9 monthly editions with hundreds of thousands of copies. The magazine is distributed nationally through its partner organizations National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, (NORML.org), Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP.org), WomenGrow (WomenGrow.com), as well as through participating medical and recreational dispensaries, head shops, doctors and attorneys’ offices, and others in the marijuana industry. Freedom Leaf magazine can also be read online world-wide through the Freedom Leaf digital networks.
Freedom Leaf Magazine, «The Good News in Marijuana Reform,» reports on Arts, Fashion, Lifestyle, all of the elements of the burgeoning cannabis movements. Freedom Leaf Magazine provides activists, consumers, patients and entrepreneurs with a means to stay informed on the emerging industry’s most cutting edge marijuana-related information, innovations and legislation. Freedom Leaf™ is also the brand and business manager for NORML, handling licensing of the NORML brand, business partnerships, new events, and merchandising.
The monthly Viridian column will report on the ever-changing financial landscape in the cannabis industry, as well as the critical topics investors should consider when investing in this market, including:

  • Which industry sectors to/not to invest in (Real Estate, Biotech, Cultivation, Dispensary)
  • Identifying the right management teams and business models to back
  • Terms and valuations for capital raises and M&A transactions in the sector
  • How Federal/State legal and legislative policy affects investment decisions in this sector
  • Industry challenges from cash management to SEC oversight

Viridian’s editorial debut can be found in the Freedom Leaf’s Summer Travel edition entitled, “VIRIDIAN: COMPANY SPOTLIGHT & The Cannabis Stock Report”.