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Excerpt of Willie Nelson’s New Book in Freedom Leaf Magazine

The latest issue is full of the latest science, culture and political news on marijuana and hemp!

By Chris Goldstein, Senior Editor

Each month our editorial team, led by Editor-in-Chief Steve Bloom, works hard to bring you stellar content. The issue for May is one of our best yet.willie_book_cover

We feature an exclusive excerpt of Willie Nelson’s new book «It’s a Long Story: My Life.»

Willie has been a great friend to National NORML and to Freedom Leaf. He sat down for an interview on his bus for our premier issue last October.

willieexcerptThis time we get an intimate look at Willie’s relationship with marijuana.

Willie turns 82 on Wednesday April 29th. Check out the full excerpt in our digital edition here.

Also in the magazine this month:

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– Columnist Beth Mann discusses embracing the feminine side of cannabis. Read it here.

– Our fashion and healthy living guru, Lillian Taylor, gets readers ready for Hemp History Week. Read it here.

– Paul Armentano’s article this month focuses on the narrowing gender divide when it comes to support of cannabis reform. Read it here.

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– Rick Pfrommer takes us on an aromatic journey through cannabis in «Terpenes 101.» Read it here.

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We also have profiles of cannabis industry executives, some analysis on the federal lawsuits against Colorado from NORML executive Director Allen St. Pierre and cartoons from Dan Gibson.

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Thanks again to all of our contributors, photographers, artists, distributors and staff. Together we will legalize marijuana nationwide!