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Marijuana Advocate Allen St. Pierre Joins Freedom Leaf

Allen St. Pierre

Allen St. Pierre, NORML’s former Executive Director, will be joining Freedom Leaf as Vice President of Communications and Advocacy on July 18.

St. Pierre recently resigned from his position at NORML after more than 25 years with the non-profit. Now, America’s most recognizable marijuana policy expert is ready for his new position.

“I’m thankful to be provided the opportunity working at Freedom Leaf  Inc., continuing to liaison with the ever-growing cannabis law reform movement long-spearheaded by NORML’s grassroots advocacy,” says St. Pierre.

Freedom Leaf Inc. CEO Cliff Perry explains: “Allen will remain in Washington, D.C. where he will devote his time to advocacy and use his relationships with business and political leaders to benefit the company’s media, advertising and merchandising platforms.”

St. Pierre has spent his career as a champion of cannabis consumers, making tangible progress to advance personal freedoms. “Tens of thousands of victims of cannabis prohibition called the NORML office for Allen’s advice and help over the years,” Perry adds. “To him this was the most important aspect of his position at NORML.”

Since 1991, St. Pierre has been interviewed about marijuana in almost every major media outlet around the world, appearing more than 40,000 times in print, radio and television. He’s simply been the go-to cannabis expert for politicians, business experts and the press.

ISSUE-15_May-June2016_FL-Issue_CoversForNavMenuFreedom Leaf Inc. maintains a brand management agreement with NORML to assist with merchandising and fundraising campaigns. Freedom Leaf Magazine ships thousands of copies of each issue, for free, to the NORML chapter network around the country. St. Pierre’s joining the staff at Freedom Leaf Inc. will only improve those services.

Freedom Leaf Inc. co-founder Richard Cowan, also a former NORML Executive Director, met and hired St. Pierre to NORML in 1992. Now, he’s looking forward to reactivating their teamwork.

«I’m enormously pleased that my old friend will be bringing to Freedom Leaf his incomparable knowledge of the issues pertaining to the legalization of marijuana and the industry,” says Cowan. “There is simply no one else in the world who knows the issues as well as Allen.»

Perry emphasizes: “We’re very proud that we can provide a platform for Allen to continue his invaluable contribution to ending cannabis prohibition.”



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