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Things To Do in Denver When You’re Stoned

16th Street considered as the main street in Denver Colorado US

So you’ve arrived in the “Promised Land” of legal cannabis, the Mile High City, Denver. What to do, where to go?

By Alec Pierce

thingstodoWith so many options and dispensaries in Denver, sorting things out on a weed-oriented vacation can be daunting, especially after toking Colorado’s finest. Here are some suggestions to help you navigate through the smoke.

Adagio Bed and Breakfast
1430 Race St.
adagiobb.com, 303-370-6911

This beautiful six-room B&B located in the Wyman Historic District offers a safe and private place to consume cannabis and educate yourself about the nuances of dabbing and concentrates. Owners Joel and Lisa Schneider, who hail from Long Island, New York, opened the Adagio last April. Rooms (named after classical composers—the Vivaldi, the Brahms) range from $179 to $399 per night. Breakfast is, of course, their specialty. Get high and enjoy the relaxed and well-furnished atmosphere. The hotel is close to many dispensaries and a bus ride or short walk to Downtown Denver.

Grassroots California
2209 Lawrence St.
grasssrootscalifornia.com, 720-440-9480

One of the coolest boutiques in town, Grassroots California offers a large variety of hats in the phattest designs, ranging in price from $40 to $400. Their selection also includes shirts, pot-leaf socks and a $420 “Smokin Snowboards x Shatter Board Collab” snowboard. Be sure to ask the hash-a-dabbers about the “break room,” actually a bring-your-own smoking lounge. It’s a safe, friendly place to burn one or dab off, and commune with fellow stoners.

Dab Bus
1445 Stout St.

Take a tour around Denver in a custom-made bus complete with E-nails and dab stations. This inexpensive excursion ($30 for the tour) makes stops at grow operations, dispensaries and the Dab Lab, all the while dabbing your brains out. This is a BYOD (bring your own dab) operation, but if you’ve just arrived, there’s always someone willing to share. “Either you’re on the bus or you’re off the bus,” Merry Prankster Ken Kesey liked to say, so get on the Dab Bus!

Puff, Pass & Paint
1250 31st St.

Feeling a little artsy from the enhancement of cannabis? Have the Dab Bus drop you off at Heidi Keyes’ stony art class held on Friday and Saturday nights at the Green Labs co-working space. Come puff and paint with a cross-section of like-minded people—weed tourists, couples, international visitors and returning students. This renowned event is limited to 25 painters, at $50 per two-hour class. The cannabis vibe helps it all flow onto the canvas. It’s “all about the process and not the final product,” Keyes notes. A special monthly class is targeted at veterans suffering from PTSD.

Cheeba Hut
1531 Champa St.
chebahut.com, 720-974-1880

This gastronomical palace of delight just off the 16th Street Mall has a wide selection of “toasted” sub sandwiches named after cannabis strains, like Thai Stick, White Widow, Panama Red and Kali Mist. There are plenty of vegetarian and meat options, such as the salad-on-a-sandwich, Humboldt and Magic Mushroom (portabella, not psilocybin). Top off the meal with sweet homemade treats (brownies, goo balls and chocolate chip cookies). The $6 lunch special is a great deal for the Downtown crowd. Sorry, no puffing on the premises. Also, check out the Cheeba Hut at 1313 College Ave. in Boulder.

Grow Big Supply
4501 Wynkoop St.
growbigsupply.com, 303-719-4492

This 24-hour cavernous store near I-70 offers a myriad of lights, gear and nutrients, in addition to lots of used equipment. Even better, Grow Big hosts a raging and free Thursday night party. Enjoy people-watching as go-go dancers, hula hoopers and others do their thing, then hit the Dab Lounge in the adjacent shipping container.

Freedom Leaf contributor Alec Pearce is a writer and photographer based in Denver.

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