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The CBD Revolution Is Being Led by Women

Each issue of Freedom Leaf includes an article provided by Women Grow. This article appears in Issue 34.

For several years, I’ve assisted thousands of patients with an alternative form of medicine: cannabis. Through direct feedback and observational studies, patients have indicated that CBD, in particular, provides a significant benefit to mediate certain healthcare needs.

As a scientist who earned her PhD in cellular biology with extensive studies in cancer research, including breast and colon cancer, and evolved into developing a model to understand the mechanism of how prostate cancer metastasizes to bone, I’ve studied and consulted with many patients. When I opened my dispensary, National Holistic Healing Center, in 2015 in Washington, DC, I’d already had 15-plus years researching the impact medical marijuana and hemp has on patients.

During my time at Howard University as Director of STEM Education in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences, where I was awarded over $10 million in federally funded grants, I had the opportunity to train MDs, PhDs and advanced undergraduates in biomedical research for infectious diseases in several global communities to address healthcare disparities. This was where my education, experience and skillset contributed greatly in my understanding of medical marijuana and hemp. I was familiar with the benefits cannabidiol (CBD) provided patients. This natural cannabinoid found in both the cannabis and hemp plants has aided people for some time. However, it’s only now that CBD is becoming more broadly known and accepted.

Today, we’re seeing more women turning to CBD products for self-care and more women-led CBD companies.

As a dispensary owner, it’s rewarding to see my patients—from children to senior citizens—improve based on this medicine. They’ve come to me with inflammation and anxiety, mood swings and hormonal imbalances, insomnia and excruciating pain, and within months they were new people.

I’m excited to announce that we’ll soon be launching our own National Holistic Health Center product line. The first product will be a hemp-derived CBD tincture. Our patients need affordable healthcare solutions. As a mother, wife and caregiver, I’m conscious of price points and don’t want to add another heavy financial burden on them.

Today, we’re seeing more women turning to CBD products for self-care and more women-led CBD companies. CBD is quickly becoming an alternative natural product that promotes an improved quality of life. This further supports my studies and research over the years. We’re all trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

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