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Denver Voters to Decide «Social Use» of Marijuana

Social Use of Marijuana

Ballot Initiative Could Allow Clubs and Bars to Operate as Cannabis Friendly Locations


Social Use of MarijuanaVoters in Colorado’s largest city will decide if social clubs for cannabis can exist this fall.

Right now residents and tourists are limited in where they can consume. Technically, the privacy of a local home is the only allowable location. Lighting up in public is still against the law.

Those visiting from out of state to sample the flowery fare or hash-oil vape pens also face a conundrum. Rental car companies don’t allow hot boxing their rides and mainstream hotel chains are against toking in their rooms.

There are a few «Bud and Breakfast» lodgings and even Club Ned in Nederland, CO that operates as a private club. But as Denver moves into the second year of retail, recreational marijuana sales business is booming and people clearly need friendly places to enjoy the local agriculture.

Voters will weigh in on the issue this fall. Mason Tvert is the lead proponent. He is Communications Director at the Marijuana Policy Project but also ran several successful ballot initiatives in Denver prior to legalization, including one that de-prioritized marijuana possession enforcement by police.

Tvert describes the new measure as giving «private businesses the ability to allow adult marijuana consumption in areas that are only accessible to people 21 and older, as long as it’s not viewable to the public.»

Denver’s Westword reports that polling shows strong support among residents, currently 56% support the measure.

Another interesting note is that the same poll found that residents of the Mile High City actually think that alcohol causes more problems than cannabis.

The issue will be deiced in this November’s general election. If successful it could open yet another business stream in Denver’s cannabis sphere.