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Freedom Leaf’s 4th-Quarter Events Calendar

MJBizCon will return to Las Vegas this December. Photo by Joe Gurreri


10/1-3 Cannabis Quality Conference & Expo, Schaumberg, IL
10/1-3 Marijuana Management Symposium, Denver, CO
10/2 850 Hemp Summit, Tallahassee, FL
10/3-4 Montréal Cannabis Expo, Montréal, QB
10/4 Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, Denver, CO
10/4-5 Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival, Kutztown, PA
10/4-7 Harvest Ball, Starks, ME
10/5-6 Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival, Madison, WI
10/5-6 Maine Cannabis Convention, Portland, ME
10/7-8 Pennsylvania Hemp Summit, Lancaster, PA
10/8-9 California Cannabis Business Conference, Long Beach, CA
10/10-11 New West Summit, San Francisco, CA
10/10-13 Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics, New York, NY
10/11-12 Budtender Awards, Las Vegas, NV
10/11-12 Commercial Cannabis Conference & Expo, Detroit, MI
10/11-12 CBD Expo Mountain, Denver, CO
10/11-13 NY Harvest Fest & Freedom Fair, Mt. Vision, NY
10/12 Cannaware Society Fundraiser for Breast Cancer, Brooklyn, NY
10/12 NORML Fall Medical Marijuana Patient & Caregiver Conference, St. Louis, MO
10/12-13 Hemp and Hops Yakima, Yakima, WA
10/12-13 High Times Detroit Cannabis Bazaar, Detroit, MI
10/13-16 National US Hemp Growers Conference & Expo, Las Vegas, NV
10/14-15 CHAMPS Colorado, Denver, CO
10/14-16 Illinois Cannabis Summit, Schaumburg, IL
10/21 IC3 East (Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference, New York, NY
10/22 October CannaGather NYC, New York, NY
10/23-24 RAD Expo, Portland, OR
10/24-25 US Hemp Building Summit, Ketchum, ID
10/24-26 CWCBExpo Boston, Boston, MA
10/25-27 Hempcon Halloweed, Watsonville, CA
10/26 Cannabis Cup Oregon, Portland, OR
10/29-30 CannaTech Sydney, Sydney, Australia
10/29-31 CHAMPS Denver, Denver, CO
10/31 EuroAmerican Cannabis Business Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

CBD Expo East 2019

CBD Expo East will take place in Orlando this November.


11/1-3 Cannafest, Prague, Czech Republic
11/2-3 THC Fair, Salem, OR
11/1-4 Hemp Industries Association Conference, Charlotte, NC
11/2 Kushstock Fest, Adelanto, CA
11/3-5 Industrial Hemp Conference and Exhibition, Orlando, FL
11/5 California Hemp Expo, Fresno, CA
11/08 Cannademix, Edison, NJ
11/8-9 Portugal Medical Cannabis Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
11/9-10 The Harvest Cup, Worcester, MA
11/10 World Hemp Market, Durham, NC
11/13-14 ARK-LA-TEX Cannabis Expo, Little Rock, AR
11/13-14 Global Cannabis Institute, London, England
11/15 Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference, Newark, NJ
11/15-16 CBD Expo East, Orlando, FL
11/19-21 International Hemp Auction & Market, Franklin, TN
11/22-23 CBD.io, Las Vegas, NV
11/22-23 Portugal Medical Cannabis, Porto, Portugal
11/23-24 Canna Douro 2018, Porto, Portugal
11/23-24 Cannabis Expo, Ottawa, ON, Canada
11/24-26 CannaTech, Cape Town, South Africa
11/26-28 CHTA National Convention, Calgary, AB, Canada
11/29-12/1 Cannabizz Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
11/30-12/2 US Hemp Conference & Expo, Columbia, SC

Emerald Cup 2019

The Emerald Cup will once again take place at its normal stomping grounds in Santa Rosa.


12/4-5 CannaBiz Innovation Hub, London, England
12/5-6 CBD Expo West, San Diego, CA
12/10 National Cannabis Business Awards, Las Vegas, NV
12/10 Women of Cannabis Conference, Las Vegas, NV
12/11-13 MJBizCon, Las Vegas, NV; check out Freedom Leaf’s photo gallery.
12/12 Jack Herer Cup, Las Vegas, NV
12/14-15 Emerald Cup, Santa Rosa, CA
12/20 Christmas in SmØklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

This calendar is continually updated. To add an event to the calendar, email: info@freedomleaf.com.