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‘Hemp Inc’ Game Review

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IMG_0274Have you heard of the new marijuana tycoon mobile game Hemp Inc? You can build your very own cannabis empire and go from a garage grower into dispensary royalty.

Hemp Inc was created by HKA Digital, which is led by CEO Daniel Hammet. A veteran in the video game industry, Hammet worked on Call of Duty, Tony Hawk and many Disney games during his tenure at Activision. Now, he’s putting his experience in video games to good use: cannabis legalization. One of the best features of Hemp Inc is that NORML is prominently featured throughout the app. Clicking NORML banners take you directly to their Take Action page. No other game on the app store supports NORML and legalization like this, so Hemp Inc is a must-download title for any cannabis advocate.

IMG_0273Hemp Inc‘s gameplay is centered on starting your own marijuana grow operation and dispensary chain. The player begins in a garage grow space and apartment-based dispensary, and can earn money for upgrades by selling their grown marijuana in their dispensary. Upgrades like boost items, additional staff members, more locations and better cannabis seeds are all currently available. Hemp Inc also features over 40 downloadable celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Tommy Chong to hire in your shops. Even better, there will be opportunities to meet celebrity partners and get free tickets through in-game participation!

IMG_0272I downloaded Hemp Inc and played the game up to Level 6. The game for iOS is well-made, functional, fun and really easy to play. The basic game mechanics of growing and then selling a product is easy to understand. If players get stuck, there’s a playable tutorial and an info panel where you can find a video tutorial about the game.

So if you’re a cannabis enthusiast looking for a fantastic mobile app that actively supports NORML and law reform, download Hemp Inc today on Apple IOS and Android!


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