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Tikun Olam Taste Test

These three Tikun Olam strains are currently available at Canopi in Las Vegas.


This is a high-CBD hybrid strain, with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. It was developed specifically for relieving nausea and pain, and also provides a relaxed, happy buzz.

SMELL: The scent is half floral lavender and half pungent cheese, making for an interesting combination of flavors. It’s definitely one of the more distinctive strains I’ve ever smelled, equal parts flowery and stinky.

BAG APPEAL: The sample of Midnight had some decent medium-sized nugs, with dark green and purple overtones.They were completely coated with trichomes, leaving sticky resin all over my fingers and grinder.

THE HIGH: Thanks to the high CBD content and the relatively low THC content, Midnight provides a calm, relaxed buzz that eases pain and stress. I experienced mental clarity, letting me ponder the mysteries of life rather than feel incoherently stoned.

LABS RESULTS: THC: 6.5%; CBD: 8.2%; CBN: 0.4%; Myrcene: 1.84 mg/g; Caryophyllene: 0.94 mg/g; Limonene: 0.64 mg/g


Tikun’s signature CBD-dominant strain has anti-inflammatory effects and relieves pain. It’s perfect for patients with debilitating conditions.

SMELL: Mainly piney with a hint of a cheesy odor underneath. There’s also lemony freshness, courtesy of the limonene terpene. The pungent, dank odor somehow managed to leak out of the sealed bag.

BAG APPEAL: Light green in color, without many orange or purple overtones. The nugs were small, but they absolutely packed a punch.

THE HIGH: Pretty minimal, given the lack of THC. If you’re looking for a little more buzz in your bowl, mix it with Or for a hybrid experience.

LABS RESULTS: THC: 0.6%; CBD: 12.9%; CBN: 0.0%; Myrcene: 2.06 mg/g; a-pinene: 0.41 mg/g; Limonene: 0.31 mg/g


A THC-dominant strain, it spurs euphoria and the munchies. Unlike Avidekel and Midnight, Or lacks a strong CBD presence, but makes up for it with high THC concentration.

SMELL: The a-pinene and b-pinene terpenes in this strain create a strong minty-fresh odor, like walking through a fresh forest.

BAG APPEAL: The buds were predominately light green with small dapples of orange hairs here and there. They’re small, but very dense and pungent.

THE HIGH: Or is fantastic for anyone who needs an appetite boost; I couldn’t stop eating after smoking it. It’s a very relaxed and happy high, with more emphasis on the buzz than pain relief.

LAB RESULTS: THC: 14.1%; CBD: 0.02%; CBN: 0.05%; a-pinene: 2.99 mg/g; b-pinene: 1.33 mg/g; Myrcene: 1.74 mg/g

All strains tested by G3 Labs.

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