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Grow Tech: Gadgets for the Home Cannabis Cultivator

With the array of cannabis legalization laws taking effect in the U.S. and around the world, it’s becoming much easier to grow your own crop. By becoming your own master cultivator, you gain autonomy throughout the entire growth process, ensuring both safety and quality.

Home cultivation can improve your health and wellness. Certain pesticides, funguses and fertilizers found in cannabis originating from industrial cultivation facilities can have detrimental effects. Having control and full transparency of your cultivation process will help to avoid these harmful health effects.

Home growing allows patients to make sure they’re never left without the specific strain they require, which their dispensary may one day decide to stop selling. With lots of skepticism surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, home growers can also ensure their medicine is of pure quality and natural ingredients.

It’s the Era of the Grow Gadget

As with any agricultural crop, there’s a lot of knowledge required to grow a high-quality product. Tech is having a huge impact on home growing with helpful gadgets at your fingertips to make the process more efficient and doable. For instance, Kamoer’s automated plant irrigation system for home gardens allows you to water cannabis plants anytime and anywhere by using a smartphone to keep them healthy when you have a busy schedule.

Maintaining optimal plant growth can be difficult. HHHC’s Xiaomi plant monitor permits you to follow plant vitals by sticking the device in the soil and pairing it to your smartphone. The monitor helps determine whether the plants are thirsty or need a bit of sunshine.

Home cultivation can be a solution to the risk of consuming a laced product and the instability of cannabis throughout the industry.

For the amateur, Leaf’s grow box can be useful. It’s essentially a mini fridge-like contraption that incorporates all elements of the growth process. Elements such as air control, hydroponics, LED lighting and automated nutrient dosing can all be controlled by any smartphone.  

These gadgets will help the first-time grower get started. More and more people are considering home growing now that cannabis laws are rapidly changing. Many now realize that home cultivation can be a solution to the risk of consuming a laced product and the instability of cannabis throughout the industry.

The home cultivation movement could play a significant role for patients suffering from the unstable nature of the industry. While analysts predict home growing will die out as the industry consolidates, the specific issues of this young industry pushes the trend the other way. Expect to seeing increased numbers of home cultivators in the next few years.

The industry will continue to grow and expand into the homes of individuals who’ve never considered cultivating their own cannabis, helping people take control of their health and wellness like never before.

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