As of today, cannabis is legal in Maine, one of the four states that voted in favor of marijuana regulation on Nov. 8. Question 1, which passed by a minuscule margin, currently allows Mainers to grow (six plants) and possess (2.5 ounces) pot.

maineLegal sales in state-licensed stores are scheduled to begin next February. “Now that adults can legally possess and consume marijuana, they need places where they can legally purchase it,” says David Boyer, who managed the Yes on 1 campaign. “The next step is to take the criminal element out of production and sales. We’re hopeful that the legislature will respect the will of the voters and work quickly to establish a sensible regulatory system.”

Question 1 passed by only 6,117 votes. After a brief recount, opponents conceded that it had won. Then, state lawmakers delayed the start-up date for commercial sales by three months,

“Now that the law has taken effect, our efforts must turn to the timely and effective implementation of the remaining parts of the law, to ensure that all Maine taxpayers benefit,” notes Alysia Melnick, an attorney with the Yes on 1 campaign.

California, Massachusetts, and Nevada also legalized recreational marijuana with ballot initiatives in 2016, upping the total to eight adult-use states.

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