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Michigan Voters Favor Legal Marijuana

A new statewide poll shows growing support for taxing and regulating cannabis for adults.

Polling data released by EPIC-MRA, and Lasing based public policy research company, shows that 50% of Michigan voters favor legalizing marijuana. View full poll data here

The poll as conducted in December and asked 600 registered voters if they would approve a ballot initiative on the issue.

Overall support was at 50%, and overall opposition was 46% with 4% undecided.

The breakdown gets a bit more interesting with 39% saying they would «definitely vote yes» and 35% saying they would «definitely vote no.»

Democrats and men had the strongest level of support. It is worth noting that Republicans still supported the issue above 35% in all categories. GOP women (39%) actually tended to more strongly favor legal marijuana than GOP men (35%).

Seven cities in Michigan decriminalized marijuana possession via ballot initiative over the years. Voters approved a medical marijuana law in 2009.

“Michigan is a leader in the national trend toward reform of marijuana laws,” said Matthew Abel, attorney with Cannabis Counsel PLC in Detroit and the Executive Director of MINORML. “This latest poll shows an evolution of thought among Michigan voters toward marijuana legalization over the last year. It is not a major shift, but a continuation of the slow but steady shift toward the end of prohibition. Legislators, take note: Michigan is ready for this.”

The EPIC-MRA poll was commissioned by Michigan NORML.