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The NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is Coming to Oakland

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The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is returning to Oakland for the 4th Cannabis Business Summit & Expo on June 12-14.

One of the most influential cannabis trade shows in the United States, now hosted in the epicenter of the cannabis movement by the industry’s only national trade association, the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is an award-winning event that brings together the industry’s brightest minds and hungriest entrepreneurs for an educational and rewarding experience.

“It’s reflective of the historic role that California will be playing and the excitement for the potential,” says NCIA deputy director Taylor West.

After decades of thriving in a difficult legal atmosphere, the cannabis sector has emerged as markedly professional on the West Coast. That tone was evident at the 2016 Business Summit, where Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Oakland-based Numi Tea founder Ahmed Rahim gave keynote addresses.

The 2017 conference will include five different tracks that should attract everyone in the cannabis industry:

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Fine Print

The “Fine Print” track, which will prepare you with the financial and legal nuances essential to running your CannaBusiness, includes six panels:

• Cultivating Intellectual Property: Registering Patents and Trademarks

• Raising Money for Your Cannabis Company – A Tactical Guide

• Cannabiz Litigation and Business Dispute, Same Same But Different

• Let’s Make a Deal! Business Relationships & Contract Best Practices

• Surviving IRS Section 280E Enforcement

• Greening Cannabis: Green Rush Meets Sustainability

Cultivation & Processing

The “Cultivation & Processing» track will prepare you with tips, tricks,and tools to increase your yield, make the best products possible and minimize your risk.

• Extraction: Techniques and Technology

• Whole Plant Extraction & The Entourage Effect: Choosing the Right Ratio

• 10 Tips to Keep Your Cultivation Facility Clean and Sanitary

• Finding Balance: Power Saving, Resource Consumption and Productive Grows – Cultivation and Utility Experts Share How to Engage Your Utility and Maximize Your Yield

• The Pros and Cons of Different Cultivation Methods

• Meeting the Challenge of Odor Control at Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities

Running Your Cannabusiness

The “Running Your Cannabusiness” track will teach you a variety of topics that every CannaBusiness owner should know to be successful.

• Cannabis Real Estate: Maximize Your Business with a Strong Foundation

• Compliance for a Scaling Industry

• Building Trust with the Cannabis Consumer Through Precise Dosing

• How to Tank Your Business (Don’t Do It!)

• Idea to Market: Penetration, Domination and Profits

• Media Masters: Training for the Spotlight

Policy and Reform

The “Policy and Reform” track will teach you a broad selection of topics that will help cannabis businesses stay compliant in an ever-changing legal world.

• Roadmap for Licensing Under MCRSA in 2018

• For Here or To Go? Evolving Regulations on Social Use of Cannabis

• Suing the Regulators. Can You? Should You?

• The Impact of  Local Government Regulation on CannaBusinesses

• Sustainably Growing the Industry Through Inclusion of Communities Targeted by the War on Drugs

• Building an International Cannabis Community: Reforming Multilateral Drug Treaties

Emerging Topics in the Cannabis Industry

The “Leading Edge” track will introduce cannabis entrepreneurs to the newest developments and latest buzz in the cannabis industry.

• What Current Proficiency Test Results Prove About Quality Assurance

• Unveiling the Future: A New Crop of Infused Products

• Cannabiz in Indian Country: Opportunities and Pitfalls Facing Tribal CannaBusinesses

• Optimizing Your Business with Data Tools

• Idea to Market: Penetration, Domination and Profits

• Changing the Healthcare Paradigm: Medical Cannabis Leads the Way

Whether you’re a business owner, activist, investor, policy maker, operator or regulator, the NCIA’s Business Summit & Expo offers fantastic educational opportunities. Freedom Leaf readers can save 15% by using the code “FLEAF15” and lock in early bird rates.