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Poll: Spain Wants Legal Marijuana

One in Two Spaniards Want Recreational Marijuana Legalized

A study conducted by Spain’s Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction (Fad) of 1,500 people between the ages of 15 and 65 found that 52% of residents favor a regulated marijuana market.

Generally the country has taken a positive, harm reduction approach to all drugs. Spain has already decriminalized private cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

Spain’s already relatively lax cannabis laws have seen a wave of ‘cannabis clubs’ open their doors around the country, with Barcelona being a particular hot spot, christened the ‘new Amsterdam’ by some.

Around 28 percent of Spaniards believe these clubs are a positive initiative which promotes the controlled use of cannabis, according to the Fad study. read more

Freedom Leaf Inc. is planning to open an international office in Barcelona, Spain in 2015.

 Image: Million Marijuana March Madrid 2005 by Fotoblog Rare via WikiMedia Commons