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Frenemies Randy Credico and Roger Stone Heat Up Russian Investigation

The latest person to be subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign is New York public-radio host Randy Credico. People in the New York cannabis movement have known Credico over the years. He was regular at the Cures Not Wars office at 9 Bleecker St. and has run for New York State office three times. A standup comedian as well, Credico got his start in activism with the William Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice.

GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone, 65, claims Credico, 63, was the go-between with Julian Assange and Russian government hackers in releasing emails stolen by Wikileaks from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Credico scoffs at the idea he was the connection in a scandal that may have brought Donald Trump to power.

Randy Credico (right in photo) tweeted in May 2017 about his «Kremlin connection,» Roger Stone.

Both Stone and Assange have appeared on Credico’s radio show on WBAI-FM in New York. Credico went to London to interview Assange in 2017. It’s generally believed Credico met Assange through his long association with the civil rights activist group, the Center for Constitutional Rights.

On July 13, Mueller’s grand jury indicted a mysterious Romanian hacker named Guccifer 2.0, who may have provided the emails to Wikileaks, as well as 12 Russian intelligence officers who’ve been charged with hacking Clinton’s campaign and the DNC during the US election. The indictment cryptically refers to “a person who was in regular contact with senior members of the presidential campaign.” Several officials have claimed the senior member is Stone, which he denies vehemently.

Randy Credico scoffs at the idea he was the connection in a scandal that may have brought Donald Trump to power.

Despite his political hitman rep, Stone has at least one redeeming value: He loves cannabis. Stone and Credico did a comedy routine together at the Yippie Museum at 9 Bleecker St. during Occupy Wall Street in 2011. A few days later, the phone rang at the Museum; it was Stone inquiring about purchasing some marijuana. 

Stone’s a political character who could be right out of a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Proud of a tattoo of Richard Nixon scrawled across his back, he began his career as a teenager working for CREEP, the acronym for the Committee to Reelect the President. CREEP was deeply involved in money laundering and other illegal acts in support of Nixon’s 1972 campaign. If there ever was a campaigner who likes to go negative, it’s Stone. 

Credico lighting a stogie. (Photo by Paul DeRienzo)

According to Credico, the genesis of the Russia imbroglio happened in 2016 when Stone announced to the media that an “October Surprise” would propel Trump into the White House. “If you’re listening, Russia,” Trump infamously said during a news conference on July 27, “I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” That same day Russian hackers tried for the first time to break into Clinton’s servers. 

Credico believes the allegations against him stem from Stone predicting the Podesta emails release. «People extrapolated that I must be definitely connected and colluding with the Russians,” he tells Freedom Leaf. But he wonders why people who had access to stolen emails would “talk to anybody before they send something out. They don’t care about that. The logic doesn’t mix with he cocktail they’re serving.” 

«Manhattan Madame» Kristin Davis on Credico: «I’ve read some of the emails he’s sent threatening Roger. They’ve been frenemies for a very long time.»

Last November, Credico was subpoenaed to appear before the House Intelligence Committee where Democrat Adam Schiff, the ranking member, has been feuding with Republican committee chair Devin Nunes over the Russia investigation. Credico told the committee he would take the Fifth Amendment if forced to appear. The committee dropped the subpoena, setting the stage for Mueller to do the questioning.

On Aug. 10, another Stone associate, his former aide Andrew Miller, was charged with contempt of court for refusing to appear before Mueller’s grand jury. Miller has said he too would invoke the Fifth Amendment and could potentially go to jail in order to avoid testifying against Stone.

Yet another Stone associate, the so-called «Manhattan Madame,» Kirstin Davis, testified before the grand jury in Aug. 1. She’s known for procuring escorts for former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in disgrace in 2008, and for selling prescription drugs to an FBI agent in 2013, which she was convicted and jailed for. 

«Kristin is a long- time friend and associate of mine,» says Stone about Davis, who worked for him in 2016. «I’m the Godfather to her two-year-old son. She knows nothing about Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration or any other impropriety related to the 2016 election.»

Roger Stone and Credico did a comedy routine together at the Yippie Museum during Occupy Wall Street in 2011.

About Credico, Davis told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Aug 13: «I ran him for Senate in 2010. He started a fist fight with Roger at one of my events. I’ve personally witnessed his hostility at a number of my events. I’ve read some of the emails he’s sent threatening Roger. They’ve been frenemies for a very long time. I’m pretty sure I said sometime to the extent (to Stone) of why you are friends with that douchebag? I said the same thing in the grand jury room. Roger tends to give people numerous chances. If you come to him and apologize a little bit and want to work together on something new, he’ll forgive you and move forward. He’s an understanding guy.»

She added in regards to WikiLeaks: «Credico had some information that seemed credible at the time.»

Credico, who will appear before the same grand jury on Sept. 9, thinks Assange, not Stone, is the real target of the government’s investigation. He says Stone doesn’t care about the issues, because “he puts himself in it and is loving it.” According to Credico’s lawyer Martin Stolar, the best thing for his client to do next month in front of the grand jury is to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, the government of Ecuador has said Assange, who’s been hiding out in their London embassy for five years, must soon leave. The British government has refused to promise they won’t extradite him to the US where it’s believed a secret indictment for espionage is awaiting him.

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