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Five Stony Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco

1. The Ferry Building


It’s foodie heaven: Oysters, empanadas, fancy cheeses. The Ferry Building at the end of the Embarcadero surely has something deliciously upscale for you to sample. Pair with Sonoma Coma, which is known to give folks the munchies.

2. Hippy Hill

San Francisco

Golden Gate Park has been a haven for stoners and hippies ever since stoners and hippies have existed. “Hippie Hill”—Sharon Meadow is its official name—has and continues to be a counterculture hotspot. Smoke weed, play Frisbee, listen to the drummers. Wander over to the children’s playground and hit the snack bar for pink popcorn and a ride on the carousel. Bring your own weed, but if you’re adventurous, you could probably score a dime bag from one of the many Haight Street denizens looking to help out the needy tourists.

3. Sunsets at the Beach

Golden Gate Bridge At Sunset

Watching the sunset at Ocean Beach is illuminating and exhilarating. It will probably be chilly, so bring a sweater. If you have a little extra money, a nice dinner at the Cliff House (1090 Point Lobos Ave.) is recommended. Kushes are the perfect strains to help you sit still and enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature.

4. The Wave Organ

San Francisco

Way out on the tip of the Marina near Ft. Mason (83 Marina Green Dr.) sits a piece of art known as the Wave Organ. Like a giant seashell, it amplifies the sounds of the ocean. While you’re in San Francisco, smoke a bowl of Jack Herer and listen to the sea as you gaze out across the water to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

5. Drinks With Buds

san franciscoTwo Mission St. pubs, El Rio (at 3158) and The Sycamore (2140), are good spots to chill after walking around looking at murals and eating tacos. The Zeitgeist, also in the Mission (199 Valencia St.), has a huge biergarten. The Pilsner Inn (225 Church St.) is an awesome gay bar (well-behaved straights are welcome) with a very comfortable patio. Chocolate Hashberry goes well with Scotch, and pair Tangie with a bottle of citrus-flavored Shock Top.


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