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Marijuana and Baseball On Opening Day

The Phillies home opener featured cannabis activists engaging in a strong tradition of peaceful civil disobedience.

Comedian, marijuana activists and Freedom Leaf magazine contributing writer NA Poe has been smoking marijuana in public to highlight the politics of reform.

Poe and his friend Mike Whiter, a US Marine Corps veteran went to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia last weekend for opening day. The pair smoked marijuana and spoke with fellow sports fans bout the importance of allowing vets access to cannabis.

Later in the week Poe went out to the Philly landmark Geno’s Steaks to highlight the racial disparity of marijuana arrests.


PhillyNORML and Poe’s comedy troupe, The Panic Hour, hosted a year of marijuana protests at Independence Hall National Historic Park where hundreds of people committed civil disobedience by smoking marijuana on federal land.

Poe and Freedom Leaf editor Chris Goldstein were eventually arrested and prosecuted during the protests. Poe served one year of federal probation. Goldstein is serving two years of probation for possessing a single joint.

Philly 4/20/13