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Feminized seeds and their differences with regular and autoflowering seeds

As in whichever area belonging to agricultural cultivation, when it comes to cannabis, what growers normally want is to maximize their plant production and quality with an easier process of cultivation. This of course applies to cannabis seeds, since they go through a feminization process.

The types of feminised seeds are capable of producing only female plants. To understand how this process works, first we have to know that cannabis is a hermaphroditic plant. Which means that it is a living being with both sexes female and male. The sexual hermaphroditism that characterizes cannabis seeds is a mechanism that allows itself to survive. For example, its hermaphroditism allows the plant to change sex depending on the external conditions of the environment in which it grows.

Before going deeper into the topic, let’s make clear the definitions of each of these types of seeds used for the cultivation of cannabis. If someone wants to start growing their own cannabis crops, then they must take into account several things, and one of them is definitely defining which type of cannabis seed they want to grow.

There are numerous types of cannabis seeds, and in this article, we’re going to teach you three of them: the regular ones, as well as the auto flowering and the feminized ones. So, by the end of this article you will have an idea of which is the one that is convenient for you.

Regular cannabis seeds

In the first group we include the first-generation seeds, known as regular cannabis seeds. This type of cannabis seeds are those that are born from male and female plants. Contrary to popular belief, regular seeds are difficult to grow, so, by that logic, these seeds achieve better results in the hands of expert growers.

To be successful in the art of growing cannabis from regular seeds, you must have enough experience and skill to easily recognize and differentiate between male and female seeds. In this way, you can separate them before the flowering stage, avoiding pollination and the appearance of seeds in the grass.

Feminized cannabis seeds

The best option for a successful and abundant harvest is found in the wonder known as feminized cannabis seeds. The use of this type of seeds is the easiest harvesting method for people who are just starting out in cannabis cultivation. Feminized cannabis seeds generate much more abundant results with fewer seeds planted. This makes the investment to be a little less as it should be expected when using other types of seed.

Many of the feminized seeds, such as the Cannabis Cup, have to get through a special treatment in order to increase the quality of their shoots, being treated with colloidal silver, which results in the generation of female pollen necessary to reproduce. For this reason, we can say that buying feminized seeds can ensure a great success rate when growing and harvesting your own cannabis crops.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Finally, it is worth explaining what the term “autoflowering” actually means. This is a characteristic that plants inherit from the autoflowering seeds they born from. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of seed that blooms automatically, regardless of the amount of daylight hours.

Some experts assure that this type of autoflowering cannabis seeds in conjunction with feminized ones, are a good finding during the last 10 years. These seeds are mainly characterized by their short flowering period, since after about 50 or 60 days of this flowering period, they will be ready to harvest.

Advantages in the production of feminized cannabis seeds

To produce feminized cannabis seeds, the plant undergoes the aforementioned feminization process, whereby a female plant is induced to produce male pollen so that a seed can develop. Plants are bred to contain only female chromosomes.

This ensures that the plants that produce the resulting cannabis seeds will also bloom as females and thus produce the resin-laden flowers characteristic of female plants.

  • The female cannabis plant is forced to produce male pollen, feminized cannabis seeds are produced, from which the female plants grow.
  • Only females are capable of producing resin bud tops.
  • The great advantage of feminized seeds is that, even in the least suitable conditions, a small number of seeds is sufficient to grow and produce a satisfactory harvest.

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Which seed to choose for a better and higher yield and quality?

The production of feminized seeds is usually better than what autoflowering seeds can give and even more so than production with regular seeds, in general feminized seeds achieve a much higher quality and a better yield in crops.

As with other crops, cannabis plants obtained from the sowing of feminized seeds grow and bloom faster, producing a much better result and with higher amounts of CBD.

Female seeds maximize resources, considerably reduce the amount of work required and get the most out of the investment: land, water, fertilizers, care … In addition, they produce plants with a faster growth and flowering process, giving more results and, therefore, benefits, of course.

Final thoughts

We know that there is an entire industry working on the genetic improvement of marijuana. From the outset, we must know that there are male plants and female plants that awaken the interest in curious people.

When we sow seeds without knowing their sex, we must then center in eliminating all the male plants at the end of the crop to avoid fertilizing the female ones, since it will spoil the desired production.

As a result of the aforementioned genetic improvement, there are feminized cannabis seeds of the highest quality with a guarantee that all female plants will be able to produce powerful and beautiful shoots. With them the results are more predictable and stable. If possible, this purchase option is highly recommended.

Although some traditionalist growers still consider that regular seeds are the best option to sow, it is no less true that the statistics and results in recent years that feminized seeds have been delivering, only prove technically and practically that The best option among the cannabis seeds are the feminized ones, with no doubts.