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Which are the best strains for the 2022 outdoor season?

The outdoor season is almost here in the northern hemisphere and it’s time for many growers to choose which cannabis seeds they want to plant this year. If you feel overwhelmed by the large amount of strains available on the market, here’s a list of the best strains to grow outdoors in 2022.

 Which are the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors?

Choosing the right strain, especially for growing outdoors, can be a determining factor in the success of your crop. Not all varieties adapt to certain climates in the same way, and you should be aware that there will be certain environmental factors that you won’t be able to control.

The seed bank Seedstockers is characterised by the high level of quality of its strains, which are the result of extensive breeding work. That’s the only way to produce stable, high-yielding strains that are resistant to pests and diseases. Here’s a list of the winning varieties for this year:

  • BCN Critical XXL Fem: A legendary strain that growers all around the world continue to choose year after year. The reasons are obvious, as BCN Critical XXL yields massive crops of buds with a super intense citric and spicy aroma and flavour. Best to choose a place away from your nosy neighbours, though, because her scent is really potent. The fact that she’s so easy to grow, added to her yummy flavour and high-flying effect, make this strain an all-rounder whose success is unquestionnable. The only drawback is that her tight buds may be susceptible to fungi towards the end of the season (late September – October), with the arrival of the autumn rains. This is why Seedstockers has created two fast versions, BCN Critical XXL Fast Fem and BCN Critical XXL Auto, in order to make this strain available to growers from northern regions.

  • Blackberry Gum Fem: This strain derives from the cross of two varieties with an incredible pedigree: Bubble Gum x Blueberry. Blackberry Gum Fem is the perfect candidate for outdoor grows thanks to her 8-week flowering period. Even though she requires an intermediate level of knowledge and some TLC, you’ll be rewarded with top-notch crops with a fruity aroma and flavour that have already driven worldwide users crazy. Her incredibly high THC levels (up to 26%) deliver a powerful relaxing effect which is ideal to alleviate pain and release stress after a long day. Besides, if you’re looking for speed, this cannabis jewel is also available in Auto format: as she’s ready for harvest in only 9 weeks from germination, you’ll be able to grow several crops throughout the season.


  • Candy Dawg Auto: This autoflowering hybrid is born from the cross of Candy Kush X Chem Dawg X OG Kush. The result is an Auto strain that will definitely captivate fans of American flavours who just can’t wait. In just 10 weeks from germination, you’ll have a harvest of resinous buds with a scrumptious caramel aroma and an extremely potent and relaxing effect (her THC levels can reach up to 26%).

  • Santa Marta Haze Fem: If you’re a Haze fan who lives in a region with a mild climate, this should be your clear choice for this outdoor season. Even though this strain needs 10 weeks of flowering, her crops are truly generous. She’s a real beast that produces flowers with a delicious Haze flavour with fruity and spicy nuances, and delivers creative and energetic psychoactivity in the purest style of the old school sativas.