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Best accessories that every grower owns

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When we dip into the stoner world, although many non-stoners would be fast to fit all stoners into the same box, the truth is this is far from reality. Not every stoner is the same, and most definitely not every one of them fits into the typical stoner stereotype of the lazy, unemployed, hippie that most movies characterize. The truth is that there’s many other options that are way more suitable to describe stoners, such as creative, proactive, smart, and the list could go on.

But, however, there are indeed certain patterns that you’ll be able to find among stoner personalities. These include the artists’ group, the nerdy ones, and the stoner connoisseurs or enthusiasts. Among this last group probably lie the ones who know all of the crazy deets about marijuana that most people, even cannabis users are not aware of. And it’s most likely these ones who also engage proudly in the art of growing weed at home, they just know better.

Now, most cannabis will own some basic accessories, yes, besides, weed seeds, of course, since they’re the main dish rather than a side one. So, if you want to finally evolve into the cannabis grower group, you’ll need to gather some of the following essentials, if not all, to be able to kickstart your grow op at home.

1. Grow Tent

Well, this mainly depends on whether you’re going to be growing your weed plants outside or indoors. As a general rule, indoor tents provide a more controlled environment which results in better quality yields, however, they do require more maintenance than outdoor plants. Nevertheless, counting with an indoor grow tent means you’ll be able to grow weed all year round, while outdoor plants will require warm weather and lots of sunlight, a.k.a. the summer season.

2. A good Light source

If you’ve decided to go for the indoor growing style, then the next thing you should buy after setting up your tent or special room will be the grow light.

No, don’t worry about your electricity bill reaching the skies though, you’ll be able to find modern LED lights today that will barely affect it. The best options are the ones that have white light with an added supplement light that covers the deep red spectrum.

3. Pots and buckets

Well, we’re not getting into too much detail here since it’s pretty obvious, plants grow in pots, so you’re going to need that. If you’re growing autoflowering seeds, keep in mind that you shouldn’t transplant them so you should get the final pot size from the start.

4. Fan/Ventilation

Since we’re recreating the ideal environment for your indoor plants to grow, you should purchase a small fan or install a simple ventilation system in order to promote air flow through your plants.

5. Thermostat and pH Reader

Now, these are the most essential tools to get full control over your plants. Every experienced grower probably counts with one of these. The thermostat will basically aid in providing the ambient data to make sure that your plants are in the ideal humidity levels and temperature. While the pH reader on the other hand is the key tool to make sure that your plants are healthy and absorbing nutrients properly.

6. A LED Loupe

Lastly, a really helpful tool and quite fun to use is a LED loupe or magnifying glass. These are specifically useful when it’s time to determine whether your plant is ready for harvest or not, as you’ll be able to take a good close look at the trichomes and how mature they are. Besides, the images you’ll get through this tool can be quite interesting.

So, now that you’ve got the essential grower accessories, it’s time to head over to the nearest grow shop and start checking those items on the list. And if you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask the store’s sales guy, they’ll surely be glad to help.