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5 Ways To Level Up Your Vaping Experience

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The best vaping experience will differ from one person to another, particularly with vaping enthusiasts. After all, creating the ideal vaping experience is a highly personal process and relies on unique factors.

However, there are universal tips that can help both amateur and pro vapers level up their overall vaping experience. Here are a few vaping tricks to enjoy the best possible experience for your vape:

1.Choose The Right Device

If you’re just dipping your toes into the vaping world, then the first thing that can make or break your overall vaping experience is your vape device. With numerous types available, it can get confusing which one to use.

Generally, the right vaping device will depend on your specific need—whether you want it to help you stop smoking or use it as a hobby. For instance, heavy smokers will have a better experience when using pod systems that allow nic salt. These devices offer the familiar feeling of a cigarette, suitable for those just switching. However, if you enjoy making thick clouds while socializing with other vapers, then a vape starter kit of box mod should be perfect.

That said, if you’re starting out, you probably don’t want to use complicated devices with high maintenance requirements. As such, disposable vape pens can quickly introduce you to the vaping world.

2.Buy Premium Juices

Next to the device, the juice can significantly impact your vaping experience. And while that cheap vape juice may seem appealing, consider putting extra money into high-quality e-liquids.

Low-quality vape liquids often contain impurities that can damage your vaping device and harm your health. Furthermore, cheap juice brands may not provide the flavor you want or satisfy your cravings.

Instead, stick to reputable brands like Flum Float. They offer over 3,000 flavors to satisfy any cravings you want. The best flum flavors are enriched with fruity flavors from Strawberry Mango to Peach Gelato. Also, make sure to look for food-grade ingredients and certified medical-grade nicotine. Look at brand reviews to gain insight into what other vapers say about their products.

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3.Inhale The Right Way

Smokers switching to vaping often have a less satisfying experience due to the way they inhale. Generally, smokers are used to taking small, short hits with tobacco cigarettes. Doing this with vaping can’t provide the flavor and hit you want. Instead, you want to take a long, slow inhale, then blow out a cloud of vapor to get that satisfying taste and hit from your e-liquid.

If you want to level up your vaping experience further, there are two ways to approach inhaling vapor:


  • Mouth-To-Lung (MTL)


This method involves inhaling and holding the vapor in your mouth before opening your mouth to inhale the vapor into the lungs, and then exhaling. This inhaling technique is best suited with high-resistance coils and high-nicotine vape juices, mimicking the feel of smoking and allowing the best nicotine hit.


  • Direct-To-Lung (DTL)


This method is more straightforward than MTL since the vapor is inhaled straight into the lungs and exhaled. DTL is suitable for larger vapes with low-resistance coils and low-nicotine e-liquids. It delivers a smooth and easy hit.

4.Keep Your Vape Device Clean

Unless you’re using a disposable vape device, you should take the time to keep your device clean and maintained.

You need to empty and clean your vape tank every month. Doing so not only extends the life of your device but also ensures that the e-liquid tastes its best and provides consistently good flavors. Take the time to disassemble your vape device and pour out the remaining e-liquid into a clean, dry container. Then, rinse the tank, mouthpiece, and atomizer under running water and let the components air dry.

In addition, you also need to change the coils regularly, depending on how often you vape. Gunk buildups on coils can create a nasty, burnt flavor, negatively impacting your overall vaping experience. Aside from the coil, prime the wicks with the e-liquid to avoid dry hits.

5.Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Most vapers have one vape juice they love, and it’s always on their list when buying new e-liquids. However, vaping a single juice flavor can cause you to develop a vaper’s tongue or not be able to taste that flavor anymore. This is a common occurrence, and it’s nothing to worry about.

You can easily avoid it by trying a new flavor for a little while and then returning to your favorite vape juice. In addition, you should drink lots of water to prevent it from happening.


The world of vaping can be confusing, especially for those just starting the journey. It takes trial and error to find the ideal experience. That said, following the tips above can help kickstart your vaping journey and ensure you’ll have a much better vaping experience in no time.